How It Works

Step 1. Click on ‘Order now’ to access the ordering page and on that order form, write the assignment details.
Depending on the academic level and urgency, your paper will be fairly/reasonably charged. We have put a calculator which assists in currency conversion to allow you know the cost of being charged in your local currency. When you are through with this ordering process and we immediately get a payment notice for that order, we begin processing your order by handing it over to a proficient and experienced writer in our panel. If by any chance, you choose a particular writer or one of our top 10 writers, we will certainly comply. For enhanced service, we may ask you to leave us your contacts like email address, phone number and names. You need not be worried concerning this since we give you a promise about full confidentiality also, you should be sure that under no circumstances will your individual details be made known to a third party. The grounds which we may require such details are to ensure that you are the person who submitted the application and that you are the one or someone with your permission and consent who did this transaction.

Step 2. Go on with payment for your order.
After you are done with filling that order form, then you are required to continue and pay for your order. Payment may be done using different methods/channels as indicated on our website (for instance Credit Card or PayPal). Using our calculator which is given on the order page, you can easily know the exact amount required for that specific assignment that you have ordered. At Academic Science Writings, we uphold openness and that explains the reason why you will notice that there is no hidden charges, but just what is shown on the calculator when you are done with filling in your order form. As a safety measure, our officials in the accounts section might call you in order to confirm that you did the purchasing.

Step 3. Confirm the message on your stated email account.
On placing the order at Academic Science Writings, we will send a confirmation message to you, specifying anything else required for better collaboration. The email will inform you of how you may contact our quality assurance division, the writer doing your work, and the, accounting/billing section if required. Additionally, the email will include the log in information (username that is your email address and a special password) to your account (personal profile) created for you in our system.

Step 4. In case of any communication to the writer or the support team, Log into your account. 
We continually recommend customers frequently check their emails, for information on the progress of the order from your writer or our support team. Essentially, the writer might need more instructions or clarification or even files from the client. Consequently, it is important that clients log into personal accounts or personal profiles constantly for any communication. It is equally crucial to note that this system allows direct communication between our writer and the client, enhancing service delivery to the customers. All you need is to create a note (compose a message) against the order and submit it and it will be sent to the writer and the admin too.
Step 5. Check for the complete product/writing of your order through the sent Link. 
Even if it is important that the client trails the progress of your work through an individual account created on our website, it is necessary that the customer logs into his/her email account and receive details on the progress of the order. Immediately your order is completed, a notice will be issued to the customer by our administrator. For those customers who have endorsed calls, our officials may call to inform them of their order completion. Similarly, a link shall be sent to the customer to let his/her access the paper. Whenever possible, we also send a copy of the uploaded document to the customer’s email directly.

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